Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Raising Producers

Jeff and I have been amazed at how much work we are able to get done around our home these days.  It's not that Jeff and I are actually doing the work, though.  We have raised some young men who are turning into some amazingly creative and productive workers.  Jordan, our 17 year old first born son, loves to write and has for years.  In the last year or so he has discovered photography and is taking some great outdoor/nature pictures.  He gets up very early in the morning, has his coffee and quiet time and then takes the camera out for a stroll in the woods.  I am "encouraging" him to choose his ten favorite photos, edit them on Photoshop and have them printed for a portfolio by the end of June.  He has also developed a keen interest in homesteading and has been a great help in our gardening endeavors this spring.  This weekend he built seven new raised beds for us and has been out working in the garden a few mornings before I have  gotten up from bed.  He spends some time each day researching homesteading on various homesteading blogs.  I am "encouraging" him to start a notebook with interesting ideas that we can incorporate in the future.  He plans on building a greenhouse or two this fall so that we can enjoy fresh produce during the winter and have an early start on seedlings for our spring planting next year.

Aaron, our 13 year old, finally weighs enough to run the riding mower.  Yes, it only works if you weigh a certain amount..  Something in the seat detects the weight.  A safety measure I am thankful for as I am sure our 5 year old would love to mow.  He has eagerly taken over the mowing and ASKS me if he can mow every few days.  He is also in charge of keeping mulch on the garden;  raking leaves up from the yard and woods and keeping the garden covered so we don't have to weed as much.  Aaron also has turned into a great pianist.  He spends lots of time practicing and has made great improvements.  He also wants to learn composition and spends time playing around with composing on the computer.  Aaron also loves to draw and we have invested into quality art supplies for him.  He has been motivated after seeing Barry Stebbing's nature journals to draw more nature pictures instead of the cartoons that had been his focus.

Jackson, at five, is still developing interests, but is eagerly awaiting the day that he can take piano lessons.  He loves to work outside with Jeff and the big boys, can cut down a small tree by himself and can clear brush from the woods.  This morning he was looking very manly in his cowboy boots and shorts as he was keeping the neighbors' visiting dog out of our garden while handling a BB gun.  (the dog has dug up plants and done his job on newly planted fruit trees, etc---not good at all!)

Raising boys (and girls) to be Godly men (and women) who know how to work hard is a very humbling job.  The late Bob Schulz wrote three great books that I have shared with my children.  These books have a great message to us about becoming hardworking men who support and love their families.  Look for Created for Work, Boyhood and Beyond,  and Practical Happiness to share with the young men in your lives.  These books would make excellent gifts for the middle years.  Every young man needs them in their personal library.


Celee said...

I love it! My 10, almost 11 yr old son is becoming a big help to us and my folks. He is able to mow at the ranch (their mower must not be too safe!), takes out the trash here, walks the dog, and my folks will be training him for some other ranch jobs soon. My older two kids are also wonderful pianists and make beautiful music! We are so blessed!

Caleb said...

Having Godly young men that are not only willing to work, but actually enjoy working is a real blessing. Our boys are so good to help out here and also do a lot to help my parents. Murry rarely does any yard work anymore and then it's only because he wants to. I enjoy working in our garden and Ferrell is usually right there with me. It's nice to have that one on one time with him while we work, and talk, and work.

Roan said...

Thanks for posting and catching us up! Having hard-working children is such a blessing!

We saw Lauren and family at the HS conference. She was glowing, and the boys were adorable.

We'll see you Thursday at the recital.

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